1979 Brought Big Change for the Little Deli

1979 Brought Big Change for the Little Deli

During the late 1970’s Yeoville was a hubbub of activity 24/7.

Rockey Street was quaint with covered pavements and pillars. Muslims, Jews, and Christians all lived together. You may remember Bokkie the Taylor, Mrs Baker the piano teacher (with her ciggy), Sandra Rosenberg the tap teacher from upstairs and Herman Barnett who owned the army & navy surplus store. So many of us used to hang out in the shops as kids.

Feigel’s staff were growing; along with Lolla; we now had Doreen, Daphne, Constance and Lynette. Doreen’s daughter Kinny and Daphne’s daughter Rachel work for us today and Lynette and Delores are still with us, 40 years later.

Sadly the influx of drug dealers created a haven for drug users and the impact was felt. The stretch of Rockey Street next to Piccadilli Square (Scotch Corner) between Cavendish and Obsevatory Ave had become dark and dirty.  The streets became filthy and just the walk into the back yard at Feigels was now unpleasant. It was not the place to be serving food. Parking was also becoming increasingly difficult.

Feigel’s knew it was coming time to move.

In 1979 after a battle with pneumonia, the wonderful and lovable Feigel (mother, bobba, wife, sister and friend) left this world; it seemed long before her time.

By the end of that year the Deli had moved into their new premises in Raleigh Street Bellevue.

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