Built on a Foundation of Family and Love

Built on a Foundation of Family and Love

My Zaida (grandfather) used to say that he loved eating food that was prepared with love.

Feigel (his wife) could cook and all the food Feigel prepared was made with love. She had a big heart and everything she did, she did with love. She used to say; ‘Love and family are everything.’

When Jossy and Patsy received their mother’s letter regarding the deli, they had been trying to get Israeli citizenship; it was proving very difficult. During this time Jos had fallen hitting his head on a rusty screw; and so the brother and sister decided to head back to SA and help Feigel set up shop.

Early 1968 Feigel went with Jos and Patsy to see Julian Kleft, the landlord. They entered into a lease for 1C Rockey Street to open up the delicatessen. Needing money they arranged a loan from the Chev of R1500.

On a good ‘ol fashioned handshake’ they did a deal with Koval brothers, near the market in town, who gave them their very first fridge; with extended terms to pay (for which they were forever grateful).

Fritz Oppenheimer, the owner of Rand Kosher Meat Market, agreed to supply Feigel with meats and polony on consignment.

They went to Freddy Hirsch’s near Fordsburg and purchased their very first scale, a meat slicer and a polony rack for the wall.

With this equipment plus their family kitchen table and a small gas stove, they were nearly ready for business.

Jos and Solly spent a few nights ripping up the old floor tiles and laid new flooring. Then after a new coat of paint they got the go ahead from the health inspector. Everything was looking good.

Mel Miller (the comedian), who in those days used to rep for Advanced Printers, helped with the original blue Feigels logo and some labels.

Feigel’s brother Louis helped with some extra shop fittings and Uncle Louis’ wife Aunty Sonia made Gooseberry Flan Cakes for the window.

In April 1968 Feigels took delivery of the fridge and filled it with salmon, snoek and really good cream cheese. They mounted the polony rack and bought wax wrap from the OK Bizaare.

They positioned the panelight table in the shop and got a small box for taking money.

During Chol Hamoed, on the 18th of April 1968, Feigels opened their doors for business.

Part 3 to follow…

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