Feigels Mixes Business with Pleasure

In the early days there were no display counters with pre-packed containers; everything was dished up and served. This was particularly unpleasant when it came to salt herring, which was a favorite among the women customers. My uncle Solly recalls (among others who have done the same ) making contact with a salt herring, or the salt herring juice, or just the container or spoon that had touched the herring. There was a smell, a special salt herring smell, that once it made contact with your skin, smelt like it was there for life. Certain aromas have always been connected to Feigels.

By 1969 Feigels already had a stream of regulars. One day, a man called Leo Dakes, a regular customer, asked Patsy if he could give her number to his son Basil. Leo went home with some grease proof packaging that had the Feigels name and number on it. He told Basil about a lady at Feigels that he should meet. Basil called Patsy. They went out, they dated and on the 6th of September 1970, Basil and Patsy were married. (Those are my parents)

Round about the same time, Jos had become good friends with a spacial lady called Aida Bird. Aida was wheel chair bound and her husband had an account at Feigels. Aida and her daughters Jessie and Milly used to order on the account and Jos used to deliver food to the family every Friday. In July 1971 Jos asked Jessie to a movie. In August they were engaged and in November of 1971 Jos and Jess were married.

In the mean time, while the Zaslansky and Dakes families were expanding, so was Feigels.

The little kitchen in Rockey Street was getting cramped. In 1971 they opened a factory in Doornfontein, near Ellis Park. They took over the lease of an existing food plant and there they put in bigger ovens and stoves and made blintzes and latkes and bagels for Yeoville. They opened a retail outlet connected to the factory called┬áJos’ Eat Away. Basil used to open the front shop in the morning and serve sausage rolls and others sorts to the factory workers in the area. Feigels’ husband Mully also used to hang round Jos’ Eat Away and help out by serving customers.

It was then that Feigels bought their first deliver van; a Ford Escort panel van.