Feigels – A Collection of Memories and Conversations

Feigels – A Collection of Memories and Conversations

Ever since I was big enough to be introduced to people; people would say, ” this is Patsy’s daughter from Feigels”.

So let me introduce myself.

I am Tamar, Patsy’s daughter from Feigels.

I am still amazed, so many decades down the line, that everyone I meet has a Feigel’s story; a memory that often goes all the way back to the ‘Good Ol Days’ in Yeoville, about something they liked to eat and what it reminded them of.

I would like to capture some of your stories; if you are willing to share.

We are who we are because of our community and I’d like to tell our story with as many of you as willingly possible.

Next year we celebrate our 50th. So much has changed in our beloved country and in the world.

When we tell stories, we keep fond memories alive; we  smile as we recall and share…

So, please, if you have a Feigels’ story or a memory or you know someone that does; please let me know via email or sms. We can meet at the shop and chat over a biscuit and a cuppa or we can talk on the phone or email.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards


0833077011 or tamar@feigels.com

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