Feigels Yeoville – the 1970’s

Feigels Yeoville – the 1970’s

Without any support except from her family and sheer determination to look after her family, Feigel worked hard.

In 1971 they opened Jos’s Eat Away in Doornfontein, to help supply demand. Basil, used to open the little retail outlet early and let staff in to start production and serve the factory workers in the area. Although Jos’s Eat Away closed after a couple of years and the lease was cancelled, Feigels had started doing catering, and delivering and so it was, that  Feigels bought their first deliver van; a Ford Escort panel van that was doubled up and used to go watch movies at the drive in.

The political situation in South Africa was becoming increasingly unjust. Bellevue and Yeoville, however was growing into a real little neighborhood; attracting it’s fair share of artists, musicians, students and political activists.

In the late 1970’s a well known music producer, established a small, discreet night club which resulted in Rockey and Raleigh Streets becoming the bohemian cultural centre of South Africa. The high street was transformed from a quiet community street serving the local residents to an internationally-known cultural centre with restaurants, jazz bars, bookshops, arts and crafts outlets, trendy clothing outlets and record shops. On the down side, drug dealers and criminals began taking advantage of the opportunities arising out of the almost 24 hour buzz of activity in the street.

Jos, Patsy and Feigel were hard working. This is true for today. On the 22nd of August 1972; Patsy recalls, instead of being home resting; she was resting her heavily pregnant belly on the Feigels’ counter still serving customers. This was the day before I was born; and so began my Feigels’ journey.  Over the next 10 years; Feigel and Mully Zaslansky had 10 grandchildren. With mounting political pressure, their oldest son Mike and his family moved to Haifa, Israel. The rest of us stayed here in SA.

In 1975, one of Feigels’ most loved and well known staff members joined the team; Delores Kelly aka Lolla

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