Glenhazel – The Iconic and The New

In early 1994 Nadine and I handed over the running of the shop to Millie Hirsch, Jess’s sister.
Millie was dearly loved and respected by the community; he became a Feigels icon.
She used to love sitting outside the shop and reading.
She became friends with everyone; she was an aunty to all.
Customers would often sit and talk with her, sharing their stories and sometimes even a cry.
She was adored by the guys from Hatzolah who brought her flowers and sang to her when she took ill.
Sadly Millie passed in 2010. She left a hole that couldnt be filled and to date some customers will now only go to Lyndhurst.
7 years after Millie and 23 years after we opened, the Glenhazel store has has made a bigger brighter move.
You will find us in the shop right next door.
While still work in progress we know that you are going to love our new look and feel.
We know this move is a dream come true for Jos, Patsy and Alan.
Watch this space…