Prep for the Sedar Started in Egypt

Prep for the Sedar Started in Egypt

After 400 years as slaves in Egypt, G-d tells Moses and Aaron to get the Israelites ready; they will be leaving the land of their oppression at the hands of Pharoah and heading off to the Promised Land.

Now it’s fascinating to see at this point that the Torah not only gives us a recipe, but the instructions for a whole meal.

On top of all their other preparations for a hasty departure, each family was told to get a lamb that must be slaughtered at twilight on the 10th of Nisan. Some of the blood must be used to make a mark on their doorposts so that G-d will pass over their houses when He carries out the 10th plague; ‘the slaying of the first born’. The rest of the lamb must be roasted over the fire and eaten with ‘unleavened bread and bitter herbs.’

G-d then elaborates that no part of the food shall be eaten raw or cooked with water in any way. The lamb, with head, legs and entrails must be roasted over the fire and the Israelites must eat the whole thing. No left overs can be taken with them for Matzah sandwiches the next day.  Anything remaining must be burned.

The meal must be eaten in haste , they should have their sandals on their feet, staffs in their hands and ready to move.

As 21st centuary Jews we are blessed to be able to enjoy a more lavish sedar. We sit, leaning over beautifully decorated tables laden with food, we tell the story of how our ancestors left Egypt. We take our time and usually eat our way through charoset and matzah, hard boiled eggs and salt water, matzah ball soup, roast leg of lamb with veggies and we sip sweet wine as the sedar is concluded with a sweet dessert.

It’s interesting to note, that although we celebrate our freedom, we are gifted with an opportunity, as we recount the story from our past, that we need to continually work at freeing ourselves from our limiting belief systems, thoughts, selfish intentions and actions that do not serve our greater good.

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