So Much More Than A Deli

So Much More Than A Deli

As the Feigel’s Story Continues, It Gets Hotter in the Kitchen…

To quickly recap; as Yeoville became unsafer and the community moved away, so Feigels moved too.

In 1995 we moved to the Bramley Shopping Centre and traded there for over 10 years; alongside Manny’s Locksmith and Shaun at The Optical Studio.

Increasing demographic changes in the area saw that Feigels no longer suited the clientelle so in 2007 we moved to the Lyndhurst Discount Centre.

Feigels has grown on demand. Supplying some of the bigger supermarkets, increasing competition in the market and the daunting demands of the Tech Age put more pressure on Patsy and Jos.

It’s truly a testament of human nature how these two  incredible souls; without any formal business training or tertiary education and with the support of Jess in the office, Avraham (the Mashgiach) and their kitchen staff, were able to grow the little deli.

In 2011, a soul larger than life joined the company and Feigels grew.
Alan Bender; executive chef, loved member of his community and adored by food lovers, moved effortlessy into our bustling kitchen.

Alan’s wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for feeding people found a special place in the heart of our kitchen and with our 30+ staff. Alan helped Feigels expand into catering, corporate dining, simchas big and small, brochas, plated meals, travel groups, tours and more.

With Hashem’s grace, Jos and Patsy have built more than a deli; they created a vehicle. The Feigels vehicle has given souls from all walks of life a space to find themselves, to find employ, to grow and learn and provide and make friends and find a sense of belonging and purpose.

Jos and Patsy are phenomenal. After 50 years they are still committed, working hard, dedicated and visionary. They are embracing the changes slowly and collaborating with Neil and I as we slowly implement systems and structures to support them, ease their work load and improve customer shopping and eating experience.

Neil and I are hugely grateful for the opportunity they have given us and the trust they afford us.

Exciting developments are on the horizon…

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