We Grew, The 80’s Were Great Years

The Jewish Community in Yeoville was growing strong.
More people were becoming frum and eating Kosher.
The Norwood Hyper had a very small Kosher section.
With only one counter fridge to meet increasing demands PnP called Feigels and asked if they could supply Kosher foods.
This was a really big deal for the little deli.
Wulfie Schwartz who had been working at Kaufies asked if he could join the Feigels team.
Wulfie became our driver and started delivering to PnP.
Fanny Miransky started working on the tills.
Feigels also became the best place for students to work.
We remember Michelle Stein, Mark Class and Steven Lutz.
In my teenage years I used to work at the deli on Sundays and holidays to make pocket money.
Recalling the Feigels story jogs memories for a lot of people.
Feigels has always been a place that brought people together and gave the community something to talk about.
Whether they were singing our praises or complaining, people loved to talk at Feigels and about our food.
Jos recalls a story about the baking licence.
Feigels got an extractor fan installed and the health inspector said it wasn’t strong enough so Feigels didn’t pay the electrician. The electrician took Feigels to court and won.
We had to pay a R100 fine.
The extractor was fixed and Feigels was allowed to bake bagels.
And so the famous Feigel bagel was born.