The 80’s

The 80’s

The 80’s was a time of political turmoil in South Africa.

Rockey St and Bellvue/Yeoville area, became something of a liberated zone as black and white met and ate and listened to music together. Some blacks even lived in the area in flats rented for them by white nominees.

Feigels settled well into their new premises in Raleigh Street; between the hardware (owned by the late Boetie Schiffrin) and the sub-station.

In the 1981 a meat blintze cost 0.62c and a cheese blintze cost 0. 57c

Yeoville in the 80’s was the best place for a child to grow up. The streets were alive and they were safe.

Across from the shop was the recreation centre; a playground with luscious lawns and water slides. On the corner was the swimming baths. There was the bioskope and the library.

Yeoville held open street flea markets. I clearly recall Mr Banda; with his gigantic platforms, bell bottoms, bright hats and a mega-phone.

There was Lynette; the hobo with her many guises. One day she’d pretend to be blind and another day she’d play the role of a cripple. Jos says the only way to chase her away was with a fire extinguisher.

When the hawkers moved into Yeoville; Jos and Boetie helped them erect beautiful structures to support their businesses. The Zulberg’s at UBS donated umbrellas and STD bank helped them with banking free of bank charges.

The ‘Hawkers in Yeoville’ worked so well that even CNN came to see how it worked. When the Hawkers at the top complained about not earning as much as those at the bottom, they created a rotation system that worked really well and everyone was happy.

One day the Police Captain called to notify Jos of a imminent problem. The ANC had called to inform Yeoville residents that they must allow Hillbrow hawkers to move into Yeoville or there would be blood on the streets.

Jewish and Greek landlords started taking advantage of multi-racial tenants and flats fast became over-populated.

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