What Is It About Food?

What Is It About Food?

Amidst all the Chagim we had Feigel’s Yartzheit; 37 years since her passing.

Patsy, Jos and Solly sponsored Sukkah Brochas at their respective Shuls.
This was an opportunity for us connect to the Light the late Feigel brought to this world during her lifetime; we light a candle and eat a meal together.

Feigel was a strong willed woman with good attributes and good strong values. She stood by her family and she stood by her staff. She was a role model in her own Yiddisha right and she gifted this community with Feigels Kosher Deli.

I was only 8 when my Bobba died and my most vivid memories of her were around food in her Bellvue flat.
She made the most delicious apple sauce and we would dip cold roast chicken in the apple sauce and eat and laugh together. She also had this old pasta roller and we would make lokshen. Now we use a bigger version to make kichel.

Feigels has become a big part of all our simchas, brochas, shabbos meals and daily lives.
Food is a source of energy and sustenance; it connects us to eachother, it brings people together and it creates memories.

All of us at Feigels would like to thank you and this community, for allowing us to be a part of so many of your memories.

It has been a privilege and our intentions are to honor that privilege in the years to come.

May your everday in 5778 be filled with the love, joy, protection, peace and health that we connect with during Sukkot.

Chag Sameach.

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