Who was Feigel and how did it all begin.

Who was Feigel and how did it all begin.

In 1922, a young woman in her early 20’s boarded a ship with her family and made the journey from Lithuania to South Africa. Her name was Feigel; she was my Bobba.

Feigel met her husband, Mully (my Zaida) in South Africa and they had 4 children; Mike, Jos, Patsy (my mom) and Solly.

In 1966, to supplement her income, Feigel got a  job at Judy’s Deli in Rocky Street.

Judy’s was run by Ike Smith who, if anyone remembers shopping there, used to throw snoek and rye bread at customers who  would touch and feel his Challas and rolls.

You may remember other shops like Scotch Corner,  Indian Drapers, The Lazers from Tower Pharmacy, Upin Locksmith and Jutin’s Pet Shop.

Some time in 1967 Ike Smith closed down the iconic Judy’s Delicatessen.

Rocky Street now had a vacant shop.

Feigel was at a loose end; she felt this was too good an opportunity to let go. Having her own shop was something Feigel had dreamed about.

In 1967 Patsy and Jossy, who were volunteering in Israel during the 6 day war, received a letter from their mom saying that Judy’s had closed and she wanted to open the deli.

Part 2 to follow…

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