Why Eat Hamantashen on Purim?

Why Eat Hamantashen on Purim?

I attended the Sinai Indaba last Sunday and if any of you heard Charlie Harari speak, I’m sure you’d agree that he is an incredible, inspiring and empowering speaker.

I love this…

Charlie said this of food; that the Jewish people are the only nation that has turned their enemies into food.

On Purim we celebrate the triumph of Mordechai over Haman; of Light over the Dark.

So what better way than to turn the evil Haman into Hamantashen which we now fill with mon, cheese, apple and chocolate and eat in their thousands.

Some other interesting points…

  • “Tash” in Hebrew means “weaken.” So the hamantash celebrates the weakening of Haman and that G‑d always helps us by weakening our enemies. (Chabad.Org)
  • During the Purim story, many Jews did not believe they were going be completely wiped out. Mordechai convinced them of the seriousness of the threat by sending warning letters hidden inside pastries. In commemoration of this, we eat pastries with a filling. (Chabad.Org)
  • In Biblical days our ancestors experienced open miracles. Now days we are learning that our miracles are concealed; that G-d is always with us even though we think we cant see him. So we conceal delicious fillings inside the Hamantashen to remind us of this.


So from me Tamar and all of us at Feigels we wish you a Chag Sameach

Thank you for all your support.

We hope you enjoy all the Hamantashen and we look forward to serving you during the weeks leading up to Pesach.

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