Why Latkes on Chanukah?

Why Latkes on Chanukah?

The word latke is of  Yiddish origin and means something along the lines of  “little oily thing.”
Potatoes and oil are the perfect food for Chanukah as we celebrate the holiday of miracles.

The tuber of the potato grows and takes shape in darkness and when harvested from the earth provides a reliable staple food full of vitamins and minerals.
When the Maccabees fought against the Syrian/Greek Empire during the time of the second temple, one brave woman, Yehudit, rose up out of the darkness.
In a daring act of faith she beheaded the evil Greek governor Holofernes and set the stage for a surprise military victory for the Jews in her village.

The oil, we know comes after the destruction of the temple;  when a small amount meant to last one day, lasted 8 days enabling the Jews to light the menorah.

In true Jewish style we combined the miracles of Chanukah; Yehudith and oil into something we can eat – The Potato Latke…

This year when we light candles and enjoy the holiday of Light and miracles; lets also enjoy scrumptious potato latkes with a modern flare…
This Chanukah Feigels has some decadently delicious treats for you…
Look out for our in-store Chanukah menu coming out this week.
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