Kosher Travel Menu

Going on Holiday OR Travelling for Business?

Our Kosher Travel menu can be tailor made to suit your needs and budget.

Meals can be plated, individually packed or bulk packed for larger groups.

Meat (M) Parev (P) Milk (D) Vegan (V)


Cold Breakfast (suitable for long stays)

Boiled eggs, cheese slices, cocktail bagels, muesli, yogurts

Assorted cereals, long life milk, croissants, muffins & preserves

Hot Breakfast (suitable for freezing)

Omelet with sautéd onions, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, served with potato latke (P)

Full Breakfast

Cold breakfast followed by hot breakfast

Packed Brunches & Lunches

Prepared on disposables, packed in paper bags


Beef on Rye/Meat Bagel/Chicken Mayo Bagels

Crispy Bow Ties or Crisps


Cereal Bar



Egg Mayo/Tuna Mayo/Salmon Bagel

Crispy Bow Ties or Crisps


Cereal Bar



Cheese & Tomato/Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel

Crisps or Crispy Bow Ties


Chocolate Bar


Lunch / Dinner

Heat & Eat Meals (suitable for freezing)

Beef Curry & Rice

Beef Stew & Rice

Cottage Pie

Spaghetti Bolognese

Veg Lasagne

Tuna Lasagne

Fish Cakes Mash & Veg


Fish balls with sambals (P)

Mock crayfish boats with bagel chips (P)

Falafel Balls with pita and hummus (P)

Assorted cold meats with piccalilli and crudites (M)

Desserts (suitable for freezing)

Chocolate Brownies with sticky chocolate sauce (P)

Apple Crumble dusted with icing sugar (P)

Malva Pudding with homemade custard (P)

Choice of Non-Dairy Ice Cream (P)

Main Courses (suitable for freezing)

Grilled hake fillets served with savory rice and mashed butternut (P)

Assorted roast vegetables and falafel served with sweet chilli quinoa (V)

Chicken schnitzel served with creamy mash potato and glazed carrots (M)

Beef fricadelles with caramelized onions, crushed potatoes and green beans (M)

Herb roasted chicken pieces served with potato wedges and courgettes (M)

Beef curry served with savory rice and tomato and onion salsa (M)

BBQ beef ribs served with roast baby potato and minted peas (M)

Braai pack (chicken or meat) served with pap and gravy or mash and assorted salads (M)

Game Drives & Snacks

Prepared on disposables, packed in paper bags

Morning Drives

Rusks, Assorted Biscuits, Fruit

Afternoon Drives

Biltong, Crisps, Assorted Nuts, Fruit


Mini Pizzas

Mini Hot Dogs

Mini Burgers

Vegetable or Potato Bourekas

Dried Fruit and Assorted Nuts

Cinnamon Buns

Crispy Bowties

Assorted Biscuits

Apple Crisps

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